I wrote this for Halloween. It's inspired by the following spooky story:

St. Paul - Hamline University - The music hall upstairs in the "Old Main" building has a portrait of the man the hall was named for. At night he gets out of the painting and wanders the hall, sometimes playing the piano.

--from Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Minnesota

I used two sound effects samples in my MP3 recording of this composition and would like to thank the sample authors, Abinadi Meza and "vuzz". Note in particular, that the thunder storm was recorded in St. Paul, home of the Old Main ghost. Wwwwwooooooooooooooo.

Name: "Window Wind.aif"
Designer / Creator / Uploader:
Name: "vuzz"
Name: "Rainfall.ogg"
Designer / Creator / Uploader:
Name: Abinadi Meza ("abinadimeza")
By "abinadimeza" : A light summer rainstorm falling on St. Paul, USA.

--Samples downloaded from The Freesound Project

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